Increasing number of GMAT applicants, is this the era of B-Schools? | ApplyMBA Blog | Apply MBA

Increasing number of GMAT applicants, is this the era of B-Schools? | ApplyMBA Blog

Day-by-day, the total number of GMAT test applicants has been increasing. The exam conducting authority, GMAC has encountered enhanced competition in comparison to GRE, its competitive entrance exam. Undoubtedly, this shows that the demand for management courses among the young managers has been increased in recent years.

According to the stats, Kellogg School of Management has encountered a hike of 6% in the applications to its two-year MBA program.

In 2015, the total number of GMAT takers was 247,432, which was increased, in 2016, up to 261,248.

It has been noticed that a large number of exam takers are from Asia as the number of GMAT applicants rose from 111,101 to 124,910 in just a year.

The data will also be welcome news for GMAC, whose admission test has shown signs of declining demand, while its rival exam the GRE has grown volume by more than 13% since 2009.

The latest available data is of 2015 which indicates that graduate business GRE volume raised by 7% in compared with 2014.

According to a survey of Kaplan Test Prep, 92% of business schools are now accepting the GRE as a substitute to the GMAT.

From the previous five years, both the number of GMAT takers and the average score are increased by 10 points.

Ashok Sarathy, vice president of Product Management at GMAT stated that the increase is basically driven by a huge proportion of Indian and Chinese exam takers, who have scored higher on the GMAT.

While scores are rising at some business schools, GMAC encountered a drop in the overall number of score reports sent. The main reason for this is an enhancement in the number of students who are cancelling their GMAT scores, from 2% in 2015 to 27% in 2016.

In 2015, the average GMAT score required to get admission at Chicago's Booth School of Business was 726 which is now upgraded to 750 for 2016-17.

The average GMATs at Harvard Business School rose from 725 in 2015 to 730 in 2016. While at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, the average GMAT scores went up from 733 in 2015 to 737 in 2016.

Due to the swift increase in GMAT test takers and the scores, students are also facing high competition level. Hence, to gain good score, aspirants need to improve their preparation strategy by opting online GMAT courses. These courses have numerous advantages over regular coaching classes and help you in getting rid of that strict schedule.

BYJU’s has become India’s largest Education Technology Company that provides a learning application that guides aspirants in preparing for various entrance exams in a better way. Students can also avail the online mock test to evaluate their performance. If you are preparing for GMAT test, then do recommend online GMAT video lectures to learn each and every aspect of GMAT in easy and faster way.

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