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Do you really need an MBA? | ApplyMBA Blog

We regularly receive queries from MBA applicants who desperately want to go to business school. In fact, they want to go to a particular school and only want to know how we can make that happen for them immediately. They are focused on a very specific and ambitious goal. However, as we probe a bit deeper and discuss post-MBA goals, we come to question whether the MBA is actually the right step for them.

How to Get a Great Letter of Recommendation | ApplyMBA Blog

The letter of recommendation allows the Admission Committee to better understand the character and competence of an applicant through the testimony of other parties.

It is important that you give extra attention to the letter of recommendation. The recommendation must not only be extremely positive but also project an image of you that fits with the rest of your application.

Managing The Failure Essay In MBA Applications | APPLYMBA Blog

The failure essay in MBA applications tests your ability to learn from mistakes, your willingness to recognize your errors (humility) and your analytical capacities (understanding your mistakes). This ability to learn from your mistakes is one of the essential qualities of leadership.

What the Admission Committee is looking for here is not to judge the seriousness of a failure, but rather to evaluate the ability of the candidate to analyze and learn from his/her mistakes.

How To Finance Your MBA Education | ApplyMBA Blog

Once you get admission to an MBA program, the business school expects you to finance the cost of the MBA education. Having said that, most business schools offer loan, scholarship, and financial aid to ease the burden on you.

There is no doubt that an MBA is an expensive program and this large financial burden discourages many candidates from applying to business schools.  This section attempts to present several suggestions on financing the MBA education.

All About MBA Specializations: Which One To Choose? | ApplyMBA Blog

Full-time MBA programs offer a wide range of specializations. Depending on school’s policies, you may choose to specialize in either one or two or even none at all. Choosing a specialization should be based on your education and career goals.

Below is a list of most popular specializations.

Operations Management
Information and Technology Management
Human Resource Management

A brief description of each specialization:


MBA vs. Specialized Master’s Degree Programs | ApplyMBA Blog

London Business School recently launched a Master’s in Financial Analysis (MFA) program for students with little or no work experience. This program is another addition to a growing number of specialized master’s degree programs launched by business schools in recent years.

What value does a specialized master’s degree program add as compared to that of a full-time MBA program? What key factors should you consider while choosing such program? What are the eligibility criteria for getting admissions into these programs? This section attempts to answer some of these questions.

Why MBA? How does it help you?


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a degree which either enhances your knowledge of business or broadens your knowledge of functions such as finance, marketing, operations etc. Therefore, it is seen as a degree which is useful for almost everyone. Although you might see it as an exaggeration, there are several benefits of pursuing an MBA.

Some of the key benefits of getting an MBA degree are typically:

How to market yourself in the MBA application? | ApplyMBA Blog

This write-up is aimed at showing elements that you should consider while applying to MBA programs. What you need to highlight in your MBA application depends on several factors such as what your target business schools want, what other applicants offer, and how your strengths of weaknesses compare with these applicants.


Understand exactly what those needs are and their order of importance.