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2016-2017 MBA Application : Upcoming deadlines in October | ApplyMBA Blog

Check out the upcoming MBA application deadlines for the month of October. Download our free app to keep track of deadlines even when offline, add deadline reminders to your phone , research your schools and manage tasks related to your applications.  

For those who are not using the app, check out our newly launched B-School profiles section that has all the data under one roof. Click on the school name to view school details , essays, recommendation questions etc. 

How to Write an MBA Application Resume That Impresses The Admission Officers? | ApplyMBA Blog


Writing an MBA resume is not an easy task. This resume is particularly going to decide your fate and your dream of getting an admission into the top B-school and can simply be crushed if the cards are not played right.

This post is intended to help you understand the process inside-out!

Let’s talk about everything that an ideal MBA resume should include in order to hit the target in the first go.

The Style

2016-2017 MBA Application : Upcoming deadlines in September | ApplyMBA Blog


Here is a quick snapshot of the MBA application deadlines in September. Those of you using the ApplyMBA app can already see them in the My Schools page for the schools that you are applying to (even without an internet connection). Don't forget to add the deadlines to your phone calendar from the app (click the calendar icon next to the deadline) so that you get a reminder 3 days in advance of the actual deadline. 

GMAC introduces the common Letter of Recommendation this year to simplify the process for candidates | ApplyMBA Blog


If you have gone through the MBA application process you would know how difficult it is to glean out letter of recommendations from supervisors given their busy schedule and work.

It is quite a task to get recommenders to submit recommendations on time, top that with different processes and questions for different schools and you are in a soup. Simply because your supervisors are doing you a favour and they don’t have the time to sit ,figure out and respond to different recommendation process for different schools.

Expensive MBA? Worth it? | ApplyMBA Blog


Are MBAs expensive? You bet!

Are you giving up 2 years worth of salary to pursue an MBA that costs twice your annual salary? Probably.

So 2+2 = 4 years of salary gone ? Well yes.

So why are we ready to spent upwards of $200K on a degree?

For one, it is difficult to put a price on education. It is not a business where you maximize profits at the lowest cost.

Let's find the answer to this question on the basis of various concerning parameters.

Career Prospects

Career Shift 

Interview with Yale SOM Director of Admissions, Melissa Fogerty | ApplyMBA Blog

Melissa Fogerty: Director, Admissions, Yale School of Management

Scott Edinburgh: Founder, Personal MBA Coach

Melissa Fogerty was generous enough to answer many questions about Yale SOM that are on applicants' minds. Read below for the full transcript of our interview!

How did you first get involved in admissions?

Riordan MBA Fellows Program interview with Margie Cruz-Hassan, Senior Assistant Director | ApplyMBA Blog

One of the main focus for business schools is to include diversity in the classrooms and one way to do that is to have candidates from underrepresented and minority groups. The Riordan MBA Fellows program is one such initiative whose aim is to create a pipeline of such deserving candidates for top MBA programs.